Horseback Riding Lesson, CT
Horseback Riding Lesson, CT
Horseback Riding Lesson near Montville, CT
Laurel Ledge Farm offers advanced-beginner through upper-level jumping and dressage horseback riding lessons. The riding instruction focuses on building a strong foundation as the basis for advanced riding skills.  Students learn in a fun, supportive atmosphere while working towards becoming the rider they want to be.  The minimum requirement to be accepted into the lesson program is to be able to confidently post.  
Our horseback riding lesson format is different than other barns.  We have discovered over the years that adult students learn more quickly with extended ride time.  Our lessons are typically semi-private and last approximately 75-90 minutes.  This longer session gives riders time to practice and absorb the lesson of the day.  For interested students, a trail ride after the lesson (based on ability level and instructor approval) is included.

Our riding program runs year-round.  The shaded, professionally installed outside arena is a student favorite in spring, summer and fall. Riders who have never had the opportunity to ride through the colder months before are pleasantly surprised how comfortable winter riding can be.  Our indoor arena is used year round and this means good riding conditions no matter what Mother Nature brings our way. 

Horseback Riding Lesson Packages:   The fun and the learning begins here ...

          "At Laurel Ledge there is no pressure to be "better than" or to compete, with anyone else.  Your lesson is about
        you and what you need to learn.  I give my highest recommendation and I am very happy to be a part of such 
         a great farm, with such great people.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Alycia D



                         Getting Started:  Horseback Riding 
                            Lessons at Laurel Ledge Farm

Evaluation Ride:  This is an important and enjoyable first step for every student.  
We start with information about our
grooming and tacking up process.  We talk about goals and what you want to
accomplish.  During the lesson, students are evaluated to see what level of instruction is appropriate.

No worries .... this isn't a test!  Just our way of introducing you to our system and      determining your riding ability so we have
a starting point for your lessons.  

                   $80 (Varies from 2-3 hours of
                     ground and riding instruction).

    Good News!  ...

For any student purchasing a lesson
package the day of the evaluation ride, 
the discounted package price will apply
for the evaluation ride.

     Please note ...

                      Payment is due for the evaluation ride
                      or lesson package on the day of the

Our Most Popular Monthly Lesson Packages:

Paid monthly by check or receive an additional
$10 credit for auto-pay scheduled for payment
by the 28th of the month.
*Note:  Some months have 4 weeks and some
have 5.  The monthly rates include the months
with 5 weeks.  Lesson packages are only
available to riders scheduling weekly lessons.  If
a lesson has to be rescheduled, it can be made
up the following week.  Lessons not scheduled weekly will be charged the full $75 rate.

          Weekly Horseback Riding Lesson: 
                        $290 paid on or before the 28th of   
                         each month.  
              $280 using auto-pay received by the
              28th of each month.

Weekly horse riding lesson, plus one additional non-lesson ride per weekChoices for the 90 minute, 
non-lesson ride are:
A) Trail Ride:  A longer trail ride than
available after your weekly lesson  
(available with instructor approval).    
B) Practice Ride:  A chance to review and practice what you learned in your weekly lesson (available with instructor approval).
C) Drill Team / Trail Ride:  Drill Team is a 
fun way to learn new skills and improve
your riding.  Typically, there is time for a
trail ride afterward.
                           $540 paid on or before the 28th of
                             each month.  

                            $530 using auto-pay received by the
                            28th of each month.

    Two riding lessons per week: 

                      Each horseback riding lesson is
                      approximately  75 minutes. A trail ride
                      (based on ability level and instructor 
                     approval) is included after the lesson.
                           $560 paid on or before the 28th of
                             every month.

                           $550 using auto-pay received by the
28th of every month.

                  “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” Package: 
This package can be used for both lesson
and non-lesson rides and is perfect for riders 
with a work schedule that varies from week to 
week.  You may schedule your horseback
riding lesson, extra trail ride or practice
ride once or multiple times a week.

This package is only available to riders 
scheduling lessons that average out
to once per week.  Riders not scheduling
4 - 5 lessons per month will be charged the
full  $75 rate.
$685 for 11 lessons 

           Giving Back To Our Horseback Riding
           Lesson Students:  
We appreciate your business and want
to thank you for students you refer to
Laurel Ledge Farm.  You will receive a
free ride or two “Horse Lover Fix” sessions
when your referral has completed their
third ride.
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